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Amatore's Restaurant

"The most erotic book you'll ever read" (amazon review)

West Quarry Farm

James Sillwood's psychological thriller

He's still out there. Still doing the same thing.

It's not just the fact he kills them that's shocking,

but it's the way he does it.

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Working at a supermarket, living with her teenage daughter and caring for her elderly mother, on the surface, Mel William's life appears to be ordinary. But Mel is on a quest. She is determined to find the man who harmed her daughter, and nothing will stop her from hunting him down.

With a loving husband, a young daughter and plans to expand her own business, to the outsider, Rebecca Stead would seem to have the perfect life. Then, one day, she is thrown off course by a chance meeting.

A horrifying event binds these two women together. .

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Gathered Words From an Island

Out now and Free!

The 2019 anthology by the

Jersey Writers Social Group

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