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Click on the hyperlink to activate your Smashwords membership


Once you've joined:

Go to your Account page and scroll down the page

Click on the "Affiliate System Management" link

Click on the "sign up as an affiliate" button


Read the Terms of Service Agreement and click to join the program

(at the bottom of the page)

You will then be taken to the Affiliate Marketer Management page


In the search bar at the top of the page type: Amatore's Restaurant

You will be taken to a new page


Scroll down to see all the books in the Amatore's Restaurant series


To find James Sillwood's author page at any time

enter this URL into your internet browser:

How to enrol as a Smashwords Affiliate  


How to find your Screen Name:

How to attach your affiliate ID to the book/s:

Sign up for a free Smashwords membership:

Attach your affiliate ID (ScreenName) to the book/s you wish to promote

To locate your screen name, go to ACCOUNT and click "view my profile".

Look in the web browser address bar at the top of the page.

You'll see an address where the last characters after "...view/"

are your user or screen name.  


How to create an affiliate link to Smashwords:

The next stage is to create a link to that book on your blog or website page

As an affiliate, you simply append the text, "?ref=yourScreenName" at the end

of the web address of the book's you choose (web addresses are also called URLs)


i.e. go to the page of any (or all) of the Amatore books and tag your affiliate ID

[?ref=yourScreenName] to the end of the web address of that book


for example: if my screen name is JohnDoe

and I want to affiliate to the book Secret Deceptions,

I go to the book page of Secret Deceptions which has the web address:

and add:


to the end of the address:

I am now affiliated to the book Secret Deceptions

As soon as you attach your affiliate ID (?ref=yourScreenName)

to the end of the URL (web address) of a book, you are then

affiliated to that book

Secret Deceptions:

Here are the links to books by James Sillwood:

Sensual Desires:

Clandestine Liaisons:

Amatore's Restaurant:

When anyone clicks on this link embedded in your website,

and buys a copy of the book from Smashwords,

you will then receive your share of the purchase.  

(Read the Smashwords Affiliate Marketing Program Agreement

to learn about payment, code of practice, etc):

In the right hand column, click on the button [create widget]  

this will take you to a new page called Smashwords Widgets

On the right hand side is an example of the link as it will appear on your website/blog.

Copy the HTML code shown below this example and paste it into the HTML of your site:

Let's say you wish to link Secret Deceptions for example:

Go the the book page of Secret Deceptions