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How to become an affiliate to James Sillwood and other authors

This guide can be applied to any author with an affiliate programme at Smashwords

James Sillwood is a novelist writing in a variety of genres; contemporary thrillers, erotica and historical novels. His novel, Amatore's Restaurant, has achieved outstanding success on Amazon over the past two years with many excellent reviews.


"Whilst continuing with Amazon, I have decided, this year (2017), to also publish Amatore's Restaurant with Smashwords and share 50% of my net proceeds with affiliates."


This offer, which is free and without obligation, is open to anyone over the age of 18 who would like to promote this book.

For each sale of any of the Amatore's Restaurant series which comes directly through a Smashwords Widget placed on your website or blog, you, as an affiliate, will receive 50% of the net proceeds of that book.

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i.e. for Clandestine Liaisons

Current retail price (January 2017) = $4.80

Smashwords 15% commission = $0.72

net proceeds = $4.08

You, as an affiliate, receive

50% of the net proceeds = $2.04

How it works:

About Smashwords

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To join the program

First pick a copy of Amatore's Restaurant from Smashwords:

for each sale which comes directly through your website or blog

to claim a free copy of this book use this gift code:


How to encourage your visitors to buy the book

Secret Deceptions: (gift coupon code: FG75Z)

The most effective way to promote a book is show that you have enjoyed reading it yourself. You could recommend the book to your friends, your social media network or write a review on Smashwords and place it on your website/blog page. Your friends may also be interested in becoming an affiliate to the book themselves, so, please let them know the financial advantages if they take part in this promotion.

and follow the step by step instructions

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Sensual Desires: (gift coupon code: CG22W)

Clandestine Liaisons: (gift coupon code: HR45R)

Amatore's Restaurant - Complete: (gift coupon code: RN49L)

Once you've read the book and would like to recommend it to friends and contacts, join the free Smashwords affiliate program

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