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Secret Deceptions

The first seven chapters from Amatore's Restaurant.

This book takes the reader on an atmospheric journey from Berlin to Venice, Marseilles and Amsterdam cleverly interweaving themes of seduction and deception. What are the characters' true motives? Are their feelings genuine or are they just playing games? It soon becomes clear that nothing is as it seems.

Amatore's Restaurant - Part One



Chapter 1: Audition

Discover what happens when Cordelia, tired of playing the passive role, picks up a man in a bar, takes him back to his hotel room and seduces him. Determined to take the lead, by the end of the evening she proves that she can take a dominant role.


Chapter 2: The Venetian

Frustrated and bored of her life in Venice, Chiara attempts to show her girlfriend Lucia just what her husband Mario is capable of. Her plan of seduction works and whilst Lucia can no longer deny the truth, will she react in the way Chiara hopes for?

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Chapter 3: Narcissus Through the Window

One afternoon, while rehearsing her striptease in the reflection of the kitchen window, Emily discovers she has an unwelcome spectator. Accustomed to paying audiences only, she vents her anger by hurling a convenient plant pot at the onlooker.


Chapter 4: Blind Man's Bluff

Pierre thinks back to Marseilles when, after a successful deal, he attempts to trick his companion only to later discover that he is the one who has been well and truly conned.


Chapter 5: The Waitress' Bus Stop

Freya is biding her time in Amsterdam when she is seduced by Ana, a German actress she meets in a café. What exactly is Freya hiding about her past? Will the truth ever be revealed?


Chapter 6: Bodywork

Jane takes her husband's car for an emergency repair and meets up with a man who reminds her of her past. She finds sexual fulfilment through his aggressive and controlling personality and and is willing to submit to his demands. But is the man really all he seems to be?


Chapter 7: Reflections on a Journey

One Wednesday afternoon the outwardly prim and proper Miss Gray meets an elusive and handsome stranger on her regular train journey. As she sheds her inhibitions little does she realise her life will be changed changed forever.

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