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Sensual Desires

Another seven episodes from Amatore's Restaurant.

New characters come into play: The imaginative wife Samantha, the mysterious Frau Eisler and the psychopathic Nicole, each manipulating the situation to suit their own purpose. From the stormy atmosphere of Spain to the exotic forests of Brazil and the rolling countryside of Brittany; evocative settings which provide a perfect background for these engrossing characters.

Amatore's Restaurant - Part Two



Chapter 1: The Video

Colin is shocked when he discovers someone has overdubbed his favourite pornographic film. A new scene opens to reveal two performers alongside somebody he knows very well; the one taking the staring role. Colin's amazement is accompanied by a growing sexual excitement, but should he admit to watching? Or should he wait and see if there are further developments?


Chapter 2: Missing Journals

Samantha reads an excerpt from the journals of Dr Jethro Jenkins, who writes of his travels to Manaus in Brazil and his stay at the villa of Kirsten von Eisler. He recounts how early one morning in the grounds of the villa, he witnesses Frau Eisler seducing three young men who are working for her. In his fastidious way, Dr. Jenkins records the scene in great detail.

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Chapter 3: The Garden Centre

Determined to seek revenge on her interfering neighbour, Lucy gets more than she dreams of when she employs a young Swedish gardener from her local garden centre. When the man comes to plant her new tree she persuades him to give her a massage in full view of her  neighbour's garden. However, Lucy remains unaware of the man's true motives.


Chapter 4: Pipe Dream

Forced to hide in the airing cupboard after Afou's unexpected return, Ashley watches Jake take a shower with the girl. Her own excitement is enhanced by the vibrating pipe between her legs.


Chapter 5: Calle Manjon

As the storm rages over the little town of Puerto Preto, Luisa invites Mercè over for one of their games of S&M. However, it soon becomes clear that little, if anything, Luisa has told her is true.

Chapter 6: Business Prospects

Dawn enjoys the sense of power and control she has over her clients until the day David comes to see her and their session is rudely interrupted.


Chapter 7: La Belle Charente

The naive but gentle Dale goes to stay in France. At first, infatuated with his Aunt Nicole and

unable to resist her sexual advances, Dale is soon forced to acknowledge her true nature as her reckless behaviour spirals dangerously out of control.

Belle charente