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Clandestine Liaisons

The final nine chapters from Amatore's Restaurant.

Secrets abound in this complex set of stories. The past is re-visited and many unanswered questions are raised. The truth remains hidden and may never be known. Characters are not always what they seem to be, but who will let their mask slip and reveal their true feelings?

Amatore's Restaurant - Part Three



Chapter 1: Post Script

Michael sends Stephanie a letter describing the time, not long before the birth of her baby, when he came to stay for the weekend. In the letter he recalls every detail of their time spent together.


Chapter 2: Masquerade

Colette and her tenant Richard come to an arrangement which suits them both. One Friday evening however, Colette realises that Richard's attraction for her is genuine. This spurs her on to find a way out of her loveless marriage.


Chapter 3: Sweet Offerings

In the kitchen, Mario is panicking. Desperate, he enlists the help of Monsieur Raul, who sometime later is discovered seemingly lost in the staff cloakroom. Dale the Art Student and Lucy the artist find a common interest, Albie and Prudence reminisce, whilst Emily, Colin and Samantha make plans for the evening.

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Chapter 4: Distant Relations

At the dinner,Ana makes a shocking discovery and thinks back to her seduction of Freya a year ago. Forced to question just how well she really knows Freya, her efforts to discover the truth are hampered by her worsening nausea and dizziness as the evening wears on.


Chapter 5: Tactical Ruse

When the twins come to stay Richard is fascinated. However, he is suspicious of their motives, believing their flirtatious actions are only designed to humiliate. One day, they convince him their feelings are genuine.


Chapter 6: Past Imperfect

Rachael is intrigued by her quiet German student and determined to know more about him. When the truth comes out she is shocked. However, she cannot deny the bond which has grown between them.

Chapter 7: The Dance

As Hermana and Rachael dance to Ravel's Bolero, Rachael recounts her dream of visiting Hermana in the night. Their dancing is much admired by Natalie and Charlotte who have concerns of their own to resolve. As the dance comes to an end, Rachael makes a promise to Hermana.


Chapter 8: Liaisons  

Inside Amatore's restaurant several diners enjoy watching Monsieur Raul chastise his young companion, whilst others are engrossed by the striptease taking place in reception. Several guests have made their own entertainment in the toilets, whilst some leave together, excited by the thought of what is yet to come.


Chapter 9: Monsieur Henri

Charlotte recalls the time when, as a naive eighteen year old, she spent a long hot summer in Brittany enamoured by the charming and seemingly sophisticated Monsieur Henri. But what is he working on in his converted stable?

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