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Amatore's Restaurant

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Themes of Seduction - The complete novel

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The international cast of the Recreative Theatre Company meet for their end-of-season dinner at Ristorante Amatore.

As the evening progresses, each guest recalls a past liaison, an encounter which has made an impression in their life: narratives of love and tales of deceit. Will Prudence ever discover the identity of the elusive stranger she meets on a train? Just how much of a con-man is Monsieur Raul? Has Cordelia's unconventional approach to men proved to be a success? A common theme begins to unfold: hidden truths behind the motives for seduction.

The evening draws to a close. Emotions rise to the surface, declarations of love are expressed, jealousies and resentments run deep. Who will think back to the evening as a success and who will regard it as nothing more than a disaster?


Chapter 1    Audition

Chapter 2    The Venetian

Chapter 3    Narcissus Through the Window

Chapter 4    Blind Man’s Bluff

Chapter 5    The Waitress's Bus Stop

Chapter 6    Bodywork

Chapter 7    Reflections on a Journey

Chapter 8    The Video

Chapter 9    Missing Journals

Chapter 10  The Garden Centre

Chapter 11  Pipe Dream

Chapter 12  Calle Manjon

Chapter 13  Business Prospects

Chapter 14  La Belle Charente

Chapter 15  Post Script

Chapter 16  Masquerade

Chapter 17  Sweet Offerings

Chapter 18  Distant Relations

Chapter 19  Tactical Ruse

Chapter 20  Past Imperfect

Chapter 21  The Dance

Chapter 22  Liaisons

Chapter 23  Monsieur Henri