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Amatore's Restaurant

Themes of Seduction

The international cast of the Recreative Theatre Company meet for their end-of-season dinner at Ristorante Amatore. As the evening progresses, each guest recalls a past liaison, an encounter which has made an impression in their life: narratives of love and tales of deceit. Will Prudence ever discover the identity of the elusive stranger she meets on a train? Just how much of a con-man is Monsieur Raul? Has Cordelia's unconventional approach to men proved to be a success? A common theme begins to unfold: hidden truths behind the motives for seduction.

As the evening draws to a close emotions rise to the surface, declarations of love are expressed, jealousies and resentments run deep. Who will think back to the evening as a success and who will regard it as nothing more than a disaster?

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Amatore's Restaurant

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Part One

Secret Deceptions

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Sensual Desires

Part Three

Clandestine Liaisons review:  

Satisfying erotica can be a highly personal matter: one person's oyster is another's beef tartare. Amatore's Restaurant aims to please all of its patrons with selections running the gamut from fem-dom, cuckolding, voyeurism, school-girl, mild bondage, f/f, and more (minus m/m). Just as with most fine establishments, you will find something that appeals to you here.

Unlike the plethora of garish fiction currently available that's labeled erotica, however, Amatore's Restaurant provides a well-fleshed narrative frame--a theatre group's end of season dinner--from which personal recollections of feverish, arousing, and sometimes bewildering encounters spin off. Additionally, the intriguing character development and occasionally exotic settings assure you that you are in the hands of a skilled author. Well done. *****

Emily Kaplan

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